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Enviromental | Shoreline Protection & Coastal Resiliency

From rehabilitation to reconstruction

Erosion, climate change and sea-level rise are at the forefront of our design considerations when it comes to shoreline protection. From rehabilitation to reconstruction, CLE will find an appropriate engineering solution that will restore and enhance coastal resiliency against erosion, storm damage, flooding, and related issues. CLE recognizes the importance of protecting our shorelines as it relates to economic and community sustainability and growth, but we also recognize that shoreline protection projects must be carefully managed so as not to compromise surrounding natural resources and habitats.

CLE Services Include:

  • Seawalls
  • Bulkheads
  • Jetties & Groins
  • Stone Revetments
  • Breakwaters
  • Levees
  • Bioengineering (soft) solutions
  • Nourishment
  • Wave Run-up Analysis
  • Permitting

Featured Projects:

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