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Solar Development Feasibility Studies and Design

Now is the time to plan for the integration and distribution of renewable energy.  The number of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations across the country are growing rapidly.  CLE supports all phases of solar project development including the early stages of feasibility studies and design. Whether the project involves new construction, utility interconnection, structural upgrades or building renovation, CLE will provide a detailed review of the feasibility and economic viability of various solar panel technologies, site specific design factors, permitting and interconnection strategies, and structural and electrical upgrades.

Our experts can also assist in supply chain decisions for panels, racking systems, and invertors, taking into consideration site/structure size, desired energy output, potential snow and wind loading, and structural requirements. Our designers use the latest modeling technologies and are tapped into the state of the art design processes.


Solar Development & Permitting

CLE understands the potential time-consuming and arduous task of solar development and permitting around the country. There are many aspects to consider, including regulatory involvement, interconnection studies, approvals, and negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), not to mention local permitting and meeting various labor requirements.  CLE’s experts will assist in this process to make sure projects run smoothly and efficiently.


Project Management

CLE has been in the business of construction management and consulting for decades, we bring this experience to our Solar Development and Installation process.  CLE Project Managers work directly with solar related firms to assist in on-time, on-budget project completion. Our experienced construction team includes project managers, engineers, electricians and environmental consultants.