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Property Condition Assessments

The overall purpose of a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is to inspect, identify and report on the physical deficiencies of a property’s material systems, components, and equipment. The PCA provides a record of a property’s current condition and forecasts what level of expense an owner or buyer might expect to incur in order to maintain the property. A life cycle maintenance plan can then be developed to not only estimate current costs but also future expenses.

For over two decades CLE has been providing Assessments to our clients. Each PCA is tailored and adapted to our client’s specific needs and generally follows the Uniformat level II.

Our Property & Building Team can conduct walk-through inspections, surveys, site personnel interviews, document review, historic performance reviews, exploratory openings investigations and field and lab tests. The extent of defects and current physical conditions are thoroughly examined.


Uniformat II Systems Include:

Super Structure
Exterior Walls
Exterior Windows
Exterior Doors
Interior DoorsInterior Walls
Interior  Flooring
Wall Finishes
Floor Finishes
Ceiling Finishes
Fuel Pumps & Storage Tanks
Plumbing Fixtures
Domestic Water Distribution
HVAC Systems
Heat Generating Systems
Cooling Generating Systems
Distributing Systems
Landscape Components
Control & Distribution
Vertical Transportation
Fire Suppression
Fire Service Water
Lighting and Wiring
Security Systems
Fire Services Water
Chillers & Boiliers


Specific Area Investigations

More defined investigations are targeted to a specific problem or area of the building. They typically have a smaller scope, are shorter in duration than a complete property assessment and focus on resolving a specific area of concern, much like our Water Intrusion Investigations. They may involve invasive testing such as removal of building components, making openings either on the interior or exterior of wall assemblies, and conducting moisture testing. If the project is already under construction some of these elements may already be easily accessible. In order to help determine the nature of the problem, CLE typically proposes the following scope of work:

  1. Investigate the functionality relative to the intended purpose of the problem area or areas.
  2. Review the problems associated with the particular building component.
  3. Review any related damage that has occurred to date.
  4. Present a report with findings and recommendations for both short and long term solutions.

The CLE Property Condition Assessment follows the nationally accepted ASTM 2018 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments as well as InterNACHI’s ComSOP.  Our reports help our clients understand how the current condition of the building will impact the asset’s future performance and provide a course of action.

CLE’s mission is to safeguard life, health, property and welfare by designing structures of dependable performance through the application of state of the art structural engineering principles.