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Property & Building | Professional Insurance Industry Support

One of CLE’s Property & Building core services is providing insurance claim investigation and also claim management.  Our investigative and management services include but are not limited to: site inspections, extent of damage assessments, preexisting conditions, as well as cost review and allocation.  We assist insurance carriers and adjusters in gathering the information they need to make timely, well-informed and responsible claims decisions. Following an investigation CLE can assist in the management of the claim with speed, integrity and professionalism.  Small examples of the types of claims CLE can support are:


  • General Construction and Construction Defect
  • Property and Catastrophe
  • Environmental
  • Property and Land Survey Services
  • Structural and Forensic Engineering
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Architectural and Building Envelope Investigations


Claim Investigation

CLE will conduct your claim investigations in order to establish basis of the claim and to assess the cause, extent, timing, origin, and cost of the loss.  CLE’s current staff consists of well-trained experienced personnel with the ability to rapidly respond to the complex issues involved with insurance claims.  We understand that investigating a claim requires technical expertise, speed and proficiency.   Our goal is to respond quickly to any claim, providing adjusters, insurance carriers and attorneys the technical information and engineering opinions they need so that responsible, fact-based, determinations of origin, cause, and liability can be achieved.  Again, CLE’s knowledgeable engineering, environmental, and construction professionals will respond to your claim immediately with our reliable and professional services.


Claim Management

Once a claim is established our CLE Team can also manage claims to ensure that only the necessary work is completed quickly and cost effectively.  We will affirm the contract includes reasonable costs associated with the required corrective actions and work, even negotiate (as necessary) with the parties involved to assist in minimizing the cost of the particular claim. CLE’s knowledge of the industry combined with our technical expertise are integral factors in our claims management service within the insurance market.