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CLE’s Property & Building Division is comprised of a field of knowledge that draws upon engineering, architecture, structural, civil, environmental, physics, chemistry, and life sciences to optimize performance and maximize the service life of a building.  CLE engineers identify problems, develop solutions and help increase the lifespan and vitality of your buildings and facilities, all while meeting your expectations.  While solving and preventing performance issues we focus on increasing energy efficiency to create financial savings by extending the life and enhancing a structure’s overall purpose.

Our primary function is to collaborate with owners, architects, and contractors dealing with existing properties, or during the new construction design and creation process, to produce improved building systems.  Understanding the physical behavior of the building as a system and how all the components work together is essential to innovating high-performance buildings.  Even a relatively small building contains more components than a jet aircraft. One of our main challenges is that almost all buildings are essentially “one of kind prototypes” and are not constructed on assembly lines.

Our team, with over three decades of experience, can assess your facility pinpointing areas currently experiencing issues or are in need of improvement. You’ll know exactly where the problem areas and failure points exist throughout your facility.

As we locate and understand the problem areas we also analyze and determine the cause. We will explain why issues are happening and how they can be remediated and prevented. We provide our clients detailed documentation and imagery clearly explaining all deficiencies.

When issues are located there can be multiple solutions available. Whether your project is still under construction or fully occupied, CLE will work with your project team to define remediation options including detailed development, overseeing remediation work and performing field and lab testing to verify repairs.

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