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Enviromental | Natural Resource Protection & Restoration

Restoration, water quality and habitat enhancement projects

Virtually every project that we are involved in at CLE has the potential to raise environmental concerns, whether it be on land or water, and it is our job to figure out how to achieve a harmonious balance within environmentally sensitive and protected areas. CLE has been successfully mitigating site and environmental impacts since 1987.

As the regulations protecting natural resources have become increasingly challenging over the years, we understand the boundaries from which we must develop our designs. As a complement to the protection of natural resources, CLE has also been at the forefront of many restoration, water quality and habitat enhancement projects, including salt marsh restoration projects through the removal of tidal restrictions, eelgrass restoration and shellfish seeding efforts.

CLE Environmental Includes:

  • Wetland Delineation, Restoration & Enhancement
  • Inland & Coastal Wetland Replication
  • Natural Resource & Habitat Assessment
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Eelgrass Mapping, Monitoring & Restoration
  • Essential Fish Habitat Assessment & Management
  • Beach & Dune Nourishment
  • Shellfish Surveys & Restoration
  • Mitigation Planning & Design
  • Permitting

Featured Projects:

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