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Hydrographic/Geophysical Surveys

Engineering Solutions for the Marine Environment


CLE understands that accurate, meaningful field data under-pins all engineering and scientific endeavors. As a result, CLE has invested considerable resources in order to make sure our in-house survey teams are extremely qualified and utilize survey equipment representing the best in recent technological innovations.

Our Certified Hydrographers and Survey Engineers work closely with project managers in order to gain a clear understanding of project goals. This understanding is key when developing a field data collection plan that ensures resultant data is collected in a manner such that it further project understanding and goals. Meaningful and accurate survey data ensure that site conditions are fully understood – resulting in confidence that project goals will be fully met.

CLE Services Include:
• Multibeam & Singlebeam Surveys
• Singlebeam Swath Surveys
• Sidescan Sonar Surveys
• Sub-bottom Profiling Surveys
• Seabed Classification Surveys
• Sub-Aqautic Vegetation Surveys
• Dredge & ROV Positioning
• Pre and Post-dredge Payment Surveys
• Reservoir Volumetric Surveys Field Work
• Habitat Restoration As-built & Monitoring Surveys

Hydrologic Monitoring
CLE offers instrument deployments for the measurement of the physical, chemical and biological properties of water. We specialize in deploying sensors in coastal lagoons, hyper-saline salt ponds, bays, tidal slough channels, marsh plains, rivers, creeks, lakes and open ocean environments. Instruments available for rental.

Sensors Available for Deployment Include:
• Wave Gages.
• Tide & Stage Recorders
• Acoustic Doppler Current Profiles
• Conductivity, Temperature & Depth
• Optical Backscatter Sensors
• Water Quality Sensors
• Automated Water Sampling Systems
• Data Buoy Design & Deployment

Survey Vessel Fleet:
• 14-ft Zodiac
• 17-ft Jon Boat with Jet Drive
• 20-ft Airboat
• 17-ft Boston Whaler
• 24-ft Multi & Singlebeam Vessel
• 28-ft Multi & Singlebeam Vessel
• 34-ft Crew Boat

Featured Projects:
Bel Marin Keys Community Services – Novato Creek Swath Survey, Novato, CA
O’Brien & Gere Engineers – Dredging Hendrix Canal, Brooklyn, NY
Cashman Equipment Corporation – Hydrographic ,Multi-beam surveys, Jamestown, RI
Holcim (US), Inc. – Hydrographic. Maintence Dredging and Capping. Queens, NY
Bathymetric Survey Services – General Electric, Hudson River, NY

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