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Turf System & Athletic Fields

Tabor Academy - Marion, MA

When Tabor Academy was considering an artificial turf field facility, CLE joined their team to evaluate locations and configurations for new athletic fields.  Working with Tabor’s Athletic Director and their architect, Saltonstall Architects, CLE developed schematic plans that included field layouts for football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. All layouts were evaluated in consideration of not only dimensional regulations, but also orientation and contextual setting within the campus and surrounding neighborhood. CLE proceeded with engineering design for the 6.25 acre facility beginning with survey, soil exploration activities including test pits and geotechnical borings with SPTs for design of foundations for light poles. CLE delineated adjacent resource areas including bordering vegetated wetlands and salt marsh.

CLE developed design plans and supporting calculations for the synthetic turf field including cross sections and details for the following: Subsurface Preparation, Liner Materials, Drainage System, Grading of Field Surfaces, and Curb Materials.  The design included stormwater management systems in compliance with local and state regulations. CLE modeled the site for various storm events in pre and post conditions utilizing HydroCAD.  The field underdrain system includes outlets to the existing reservoir system for reuse of water in irrigation throughout campus. Design also includes infrastructure improvements to improve water quality from street surface runoff by separating field stormwater and through deep hood sump catch basins, and stormwater BMPs. In order to compensate for impacts to bordering vegetated wetlands as a result of stormwater management system and BMPS, CLE designed a wetland mitigation area. The mitigation plan includes surface grading plans to achieve wetland hydrology and wetland planting schedule.

CLE prepared permit applications and presented the project at public hearings.  During construction, CLE provided construction administration and on-site services.  The feedback from users of the fields has been overwhelmingly positive and the facility is a tremendous addition to the athletic programs on campus.