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Tide Gate Control Design

Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management - Musquashcut Pond | Scituate, MA

Wetland Restoration Program

CLE Engineering was contracted by the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Wetland Restoration Program (WRP) to design an automated control system to operate the existing tide gates controlling the tidal flow between the Gulf River and Musquashcut Pond in Scituate, Massachusetts. The design goals included the prevention of flooding of properties adjacent to Musquashcut Pond, ability for automated tide gate operation, control of nuisance midge populations and improved water quality.

CLE reviewed existing plans and reports regarding the flood hazards, existing tide gates and controls and environmental conditions in the pond. CLE then participated in a number of meetings with the federal, state and local regulatory agencies, representative of the Town of Scituate and local residents.  A number of pond and river water surface elevation scenarios were reviewed and a tide gate operational plan was developed. CLE designed an automated tide gate control system using pressure sensitive transducers and a digital controller that can be programmed to trigger tide gate opening and closing at a number of pre-selected water surface elevations in both the pond and river.

The construction plans, a construction cost estimate and an Operation and Maintenance Plan was prepared by CLE for use by the WRP for the solicitation of bids. CLE’s design incorporated existing structures, power supplies, and tide gate control motors resulting in a cost effective means of reducing flood hazards and improving pond water quality while providing cost savings by reducing the number of Scituate DPW man-hours required to operate the system.