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Geophysical Surveys and Underwater Inspection

National Grid - Newport /Jamestown, Rhode Island

We have experience and abilities to respond to difficult underwater construction issues.

CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by National Grid USA to perform geophysical surveys and underwater inspections for the electric cable-crossing replacement project after the initial cable had been damaged by a ship’s anchor. CLE was requested to evaluate several potential cable-crossing routes, perform underwater clearance surveys and determine the length of the required cable. CLE performed geophysical surveys, including bathymetry, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and magnetometer surveys to determine the condition of the existing riverbed and to locate potential obstructions. CLE utilized PE divers to assess potential cable routes on the Jamestown shore and to locate telephone and electric existing cables. CLE’s experience and ability responding to difficult underwater construction issues permitted the owner & contractor to successfully complete the project.