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Tern Harbor Bulkhead Replacement

Tern Harbor Marina - Weymouth, Massachusetts

CLE Engineering was awarded a contract from Tern Harbor Marine to provide engineering and environmental consulting including permitting, design and construction management for the bulkhead replacement and site improvements for this project. CLE’s project design consisted of removal of approximately 500 linear feet of existing wood bulkhead, the removal of approximately 417 linear feet of rip rap and debris and the installation of 500 lineal feet of steel bulkhead system including the design of the anchor system, railing system, repairs to the travel lift and reinforced concrete slab construction. CLE coordinated with the site LSP with the management and removal of contaminated sediment materials.

CLE Engineering worked closely with Tern Harbor Marina on a design to meet the project needs and schedule. CLE engineered the project in such that the bulkhead repairs were divided into Supply and Delivery of materials and a construction contract for the bulkhead installation. CLE prepared contract documents, provided project management and construction oversight services. The project was completed within permit windows, on-time for the marina’ s season opening and within budget.