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Tabor Dorm Site Design and Construction

Tabory Academy - Marion, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. (CLE) was contracted by Tabor Academy of Marion Massachusetts as part of the Project Team tasked with the design and construction oversight of the Matsumura House campus dormitory. CLE worked with the Tabor Academy’s Facilities Director, project architect, land surveyor and landscape architect to finalize the building and site layout and to design the stormwater drainage system. CLE created a site utilities plan depicting water, electric, data/internet, and sewer service to the building that was based on the Town of Marion standards and with the Site Plan requirements of the Town of Marion Planning Board.

CLE prepared a site grading plan and storm water management plan for stormwater runoff as required by the Marion Subdivision Rules and Regulations that incorporated the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Stormwater Management Standards. The quantity and quality of the stormwater runoff from the rooftop and paved areas were treated using DEP’s Best Management Practices including rain gardens and tree box filter. CLE provided an Operation and Maintenance Plan for the stormwater management system including a maintenance schedule and an outline of responsible parties and owners.

CLE worked with the Project Team during the design/build phase of the project to revise the drainage design and site plan a number of times and to provide the building foundation survey stake out services.