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Sylvia State Beach Nourishment

County of Dukes County - Oak Bluffs, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. provided technical services to the County of Dukes County relative to the nourishment of Sylvia State Beach in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided a grant to the County of Dukes County in order to repair shoreline erosion caused by Hurricane Sandy. CLE provided technical services for the Project that allowed for the excavation of stockpiled sand previously dredged from Vineyard Haven Harbor to be excavated and trucked to Sylvia State Beach for spreading by heavy equipment for the restoration of the beach and dunes.

CLE provided the following services:

  • Topographic surveys using Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System (RTK – GPS)
  • Sediment sampling and direction of laboratory analysis to determine sand grain size suitability
  • Volume calculations
  • Consultation with the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program to develop an endangered shorebird habitat enhancement plan
  • Coastal due planting plan
  • Local and state permit applications for which all permits were obtained
  • Contract plans and specifications for use in the solicitation of contractors’ construction bids

The project was completed in the fall to avoid work during the endangered shorebird nesting season and the summer tourist season. CLE provided construction oversight services.