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Sunken Meadow Salt Marsh Restoration Project

Mass Department of Fish and Game DER - Eastham, MA

Working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, Division of Ecological Restoration and the Town of Eastham on a project designed to increase tidal flushing to approximately 16.5 acres of salt marsh, shrub swamp and fresh water marsh in Eastham. CLE was contracted by the Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) to provide site reconnaissance and a rapid site survey that determined an earthen berm separates the Sunken Meadow hydraulically from and Wellfleet Harbor to the north from the Sibley Marsh to the south. A deteriorated 24” diameter culvert provides the only hydraulic connection between Sunken Meadow and Sibley Marsh.

The site survey and research into the existing and anticipated 100 year flood elevations were used by CLE to prepare an initial feasibility study. Upon determination that the culvert as well as the entire berm could be removed without adverse impact to residences and infrastructure, the DER contracted CLE for detailed site survey, engineering design, permit preparation, project management and construction oversight services.

CLE’s site investigations and field surveys provided information that enabled the DER and Town of Eastham to develop alternative construction access to the berm, resulting in reduced construction impacts and cost. The completed project construction cost was $60,000.