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Structural Inspection and Repair

Americold - Gloucester, MA

CLE Engineering Inc. was retained by Americold to perform a structural inspection of the pile supported buildings on the Americold property located in Gloucester, MA. Approximately over 10,000 components pertaining to piles, pile caps, and precast tee decking were inspected

between the three facilities. The facility consists of four buildings. The extent of the repair project underwent three phases of repairs to the existing pile supported building foundation of building One. Building One is where the majority of repairs was focused towards and comprises of 150 steel H-piles and existing granite seawall/revetment.

The first phase conducted in 2012 was an initial test phase to determine the structure on the pilings supporting the building. This phase consisted of demolition to the existing concrete and jacket of the pile in-order to expose the existing h-beam and conduct a visual inspection of the condition of the steel, then repair the pile with a steel jacket and concrete encasement. The second phase conducted in 2012/2013 consisted of a fiberglass jacket repair to the pile and a plate repair to the exposed h-beam. Some piles were stripped of their protective epoxy coating for an inspection in the area of the cathodic protection system. The third phase was comprised of plating and repairs to the existing pile caps, tee decking, and exposed h-beam jackets.