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South Lock Repairs Project

Bel Marin Keys Community Services District - Novato, CA

The Bel Marin Keys Community Services District (BMKCSD) is a unique community of 720 waterfront homes located within 20 miles of San Francisco in Marin County. Water management is a key component to the immense value unique nature of Bel Marin Keys. The BMKCSD is situated along the Novato Creek along with two lagoons, each of which with a navigational, tidal lock system which allows access to the Novato Creek for vessels and provides water and flood control for the lagoons. The locks are utilized for navigational access as well as exchange of tidal waters with the lagoon system (flushing).

CLE Engineering, Inc. (CLE) was engaged to perform design, permitting and construction management services for the South Lock Repairs Project. The purpose of this project was to stabilize the South Lock, the flood control and navigational access for residential homes within the South Lagoon to the Novato Creek.

The project consisted of the stabilization of the South Navigation Lock from settling which has been occurring since the lock was constructed in 1985 with the installation of 38 micro-piles and pile caps. The settlement is generally a result of foundation piles, which were not driven to the appropriate depth with adequate tie backs. The lock allows navigation traffic to and from the South Lagoon, as well as providing significant flood protection for the residents within Bel Marin Keys Community Services. The South Lock is the main mechanism for lowering the lagoon water levels. The levees system for which the South Lock is a component of, have a long history of settlement and the need for periodic maintenance to retain crest elevations for proper flood control levels. Without this periodic maintenance, the Bel Marin Keys Community would be at a serious risk.