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Salt Marsh Restoration

Kittansett Golf Club - Marion, MA

Open Marsh Water Management

CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by the Kittansett Club, to address problems of flooding, odors aesthetics and mosquitoes adjacent to the 4th tee and fairway. The fairway abuts approximately 27-acres of Phragmites australis that had colonized salt marsh as a result of an alteration to the drainage and tidal flushing. CLE developed site plans from topographic surveys and aerial photogrammetry, conducted hydrologic and hydraulic studies, and designed channels that would increase the frequency and elevation of tidal flushing. With CLE’s assistance, the Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project developed and implemented an Open Marsh Water Management project that included the excavation of a number of channels and pools that provided habitat for mosquito larvae eating fish while improving the drainage of the area. The increased soil salinity and tidal flushing has accelerated the transition from a Phragmites australis dominated community toward a productive salt marsh.