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Salt Marsh & Fish Passage

Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game - Brewster, MA

Division of Ecological Restoration Project

CLE Engineering, Inc., worked closely with the Town of Brewster, the Division of Ecological Restoration, the Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod, the Mass Bays Program, and the NOAA Restoration Center on a $1.4 million construction project designed to restore approximately 20 acres of degraded salt marsh and enhance a fish run at Stony Brook in Brewster, Massachusetts. Restoration was achieved by restoring tidal flow to the marsh. The existing undersized and failing culvert was replaced to maximize natural salt marsh hydrology to the upstream salt marsh while protecting and enhancing the ability of migratory fish to utilize the culvert and stream. The project increased flooding to existing walking trail through the salt marsh, portions of the existing trail footprint will be raised and improved. The fill from low areas of the trail were removed and replaced with low deck crossings to enhance tidal flow to salt marsh upstream of the trail.

CLE Engineering, Inc. was contracted by the Town of Brewster through an ARRA grant to provide site survey, engineering design, permit preparation, project management and construction oversight services. CLE’s project team has worked effectively to maintain the rigorous project schedule imposed by the terms of the ARRA funding in spite of difficult site specific constraints such as the need to maintain fish passage during construction; local business concerns with the duration of the road closure, and the discovery of a 5,000 year old archeological site.