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Rowing Infrastructure Design

Harbor Development Commission - New Bedford, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by the New Bedford Harbor Development Commission (HDC) to work with the New Bedford Community Rowing program to develop infrastructure to support rowing and paddling sports in New Bedford Harbor. CLE performed surveys and resource area delineations to develop existing conditions plans as a base for the planned rowing facility. The design proceeded with a pile supported pier, gangway and floating dock system. All elements were detailed in consideration of rowers’ needs as well as other paddle sport users. CLE developed environmental permit applications and will proceed with construction plans once full funding for construction is secured.

In addition to the pier infrastructure, CLE has provided support services to HDC to develop rowing courses and logistics for support services for several regattas in New Bedford. CLE prepared site plans detailed courses, marshaling areas and landside services including registration areas, trailer parking, rigging, and launch sites. CLE is proud to be part of the team providing New Bedford with an opportunity for a positive experience in rowing and other paddling sports with an aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage participants to strive for excellence by working together, forming lasting relationships, and achieving their goals.

Project Update:

During the site survey and investigation phase, it was determined that a significantly longer pier structure (177 feet in length) is needed to reach adequate water depths for the floating docks. Preliminary design is completed and the revised project cost estimate is $360k. The HDC is contributing $60k through in kind services towards the project.