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Rock Harbor Maintenance Dredging

Town of Eastham & Town of Orleans - Eastham & Orleans, MA

CLE was retained CLE Engineering, Inc., (CLE) worked closely with the Town of Eastham Department of Public Works and the Town of Orleans Harbormaster/Shellfish Constable on a project designed to restore safe navigation within Rock Harbor in Eastham and Orleans, Massachusetts. CLE was contracted by both towns to provide the necessary site characterization including regulated wetland resources, topography and previous dredge history. CLE utilized the County of Barnstable Department of Dredging’s bathymetric survey and developed dredge volumes, a sediment sampling plan and dredge disposal options for the approxmately 20,000 cubic yards of dredge sediment. Based on the physical and chemical characteristics of the dredge sediment, it is anticipated the County of Barnstable’s hydraulic dredge will pump approximately 11,500 cubic yards of sand to a dewatering site from where it will be trucked to a number of beaches in Eastham. The remaining dredge sediment is anticipated to be disposed of at the offshore Cape Cod Bay Disposal site.

CLE Engineering, Inc. is responsible for the initial site characterization, dredge plan development,sediment sampling and analysis, dredge disposal alternatives evaluation, environmental permitting and the development of contract plans and specifications.