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Revetment & Beach Access Stairs

Private Resident - Beverly, MA

In 2014, CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by the homeowner to evaluate the existing conditions, prepare a preliminary design and perform the environmental permitting for the construction of a pedestrian access stairway from Mackerel Cove to the property at the top of the existing bluff.  The existing site consisted of a steep vegetated bluff dropping approximately 25’ from the property above.  CLE designed a stone revetment to protect the toe of the bluff from erosion and a timber deck and stair structure to serve as pedestrian access.

CLE worked with the homeowner through 2014 and 2105 to clear numerous permitting hurtles and receive approval from local conservation and USACE. Once the permits were obtained CLE worked with the homeowner to competitively bid the project and secure a contractor within the owners desired budget.  Construction was completed in the Fall of 2016. CLE’s experience in designing waterfront structures allowed the homeowner to construct the project as envisioned and enjoy the beach below.