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Pond Restoration, Wetland Restoration

RDA Construction Company - Hardy Pond | Waltham, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by RDA Construction Company and Mobile Dredging and Pumping Company to provide the survey, design, permit preparation and construction oversight services for the construction of a wetland replication area required as mitigation for the Hardy Pond improvement-dredging project.  As mitigation for the 700 sq. ft. of Bordering Vegetated Wetland (BVW) loss from the construction of a public boat ramp, approximately 700 sq. ft. of BVW replication was designed along the shoreline of Hardy Pond at Lazzero Park.  The grading and planting scheme was designed to provide the Park with aesthetically pleasing vegetation that would provide cover and food for wildlife.  The grading and planting plan for the wetland restoration area was designed to improve the quality of the urban runoff entering Hardy Pond by providing a sump to collect solids through settling, and for the uptake of nutrients and metals by organic soils and herbaceous plants. Both the wetland replication and restoration designs increased the bio-diversity of the degraded shoreline of Hardy Pond at Lazzero Park.