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Plan Check Review

EPRC, P.S. - Redmond, WA

Building codes, Engineering & Seismic Design

CLE Engineering was awarded a contract from EPRC, P.S., (Evans Plan Review Consultants) for the structural, geo-technical, and detailed engineering review of submitted plans and reports for a open space retail mall complex, including a Cineplex, Eddie Bauer and Boarders Book Store. The city of Redmond, WA utilized the expertise of CLE and EPRC to provide detailed code evaluations of the plans and calculations for the building. This particular complex also included parking facilities, outdoor pavilions and landscaping. The complex comprised 398,000 square feet of retail space with an additional 358,000 square feet of parking area. Our ability to accelerate the review process was critical to maintaining the “Fast Track” construction required on this project. CLE’s extensive building code, engineering, and seismic design knowledge, coupled with our in-house capabilities reduced the overall project costs associated with the review and comment process.