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Pier Extension Engineering Study and Permitting

Johnson & The Shaw Revocable Trust - Marion, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was chosen to perform an engineering study to extend an existing timber pier 134 LF and to relocate an existing 12 ft x 12 ft float and aluminum gangway located Marion, MA. The total length of the extension including; pier, gangway, and float was 165 LF. The purpose of extension was to improve access to Planting Island Cove and provide access across the existing salt marsh. The 134 foot long pier extension was designed in consideration of the site exposure and in the interest of storm damage prevention. The pier extension providing improved access and it meets the permit requirements developed by the Marion Conservation Commission. Construction will minimize impacts to the resources protected under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and provide a walkway and pier to provide access to navigable waters. CLE handled all permitting on this project and it will be successfully constructed in 2014.