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Petroleum Terminal Structures

CITGO Petroleum Corporation - Braintree, MA

Conditional Assessments & Inspections, Structural Engineering

CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by CITGO to provide inspection, topographic surveys, geotechnical assessments, civil and structural engineering, permitting, contractor bid solicitation and construction services for the above stated projects at the terminal berth facility. Services included:

  • Performed periodic inspections of (4) 60-foot diameter steel sheet-pile mooring cells and 1,080 LF of steel sheet pile bulkhead, stone revetment and concrete/timber seawalls.
  • Rehabilitation of 120’ x 50’ heavy-duty (H20) timber pier and replacement of all supporting timber piles that had been severely damaged by wood borer damage.
  • Construction of a new steel H-Pile supported 50-ton bollard set on a monolithic reinforced concrete block to compensate for poor underlying soil (peat) conditions.
  • Replacement of the steel framed mooring cell fender system at the existing tanker berthing facility.

CLE provided on-site resident services during contractor operations, and construction activities required coordination around scheduled deliveries at the terminal so as not to impact commercial operations. Projects were completed in 2009 at a cost of $750,000.