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New Bedford Commerce Marine Terminal

Clean Energy Center (CEC) - New Bedford, MA

High Capacity Marine Terminal Design: Cellular Cofferdam Systems with Pile Supported Concrete Relieving Platform

CLE Engineering, Inc. is providing marine engineering and onsite services to the Clean Energy Center (CEC) for the design of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal (NBMCT). CLE as the principal designer with over 40 years of waterfront design experience was able to truly develop and evaluate the design criteria as well as site constraints for the NBMCT project. The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal consists of a 1,200-linear-foot bulkhead system with deep-water access and roughly 20 acres of port terminal space. The terminal will serve as the staging area/service port for the offshore wind turbine projects, and will also be utilized for bulk cargo and freight.

During the conceptual design process, based on the required loadings for the end users, site conditions, and in consideration of costs, CLE worked with CEC to select the preferred alternative: steel cofferdams with a pile supported concrete relieving platform. The loadings required include 4,000 psf and a “Super Lift” crane that will traverse the entire quayside. CLE worked with the MACEC to develop a structure with extended service life and relatively low maintenance cost in the marine environment by utilizing mariner grade steel for the sheets and pilings, galvanized reinforcing steel and a waterproofing membrane on the concrete slab. Scheduled to be complete in early 2015, this facility is the first purpose built marine terminal along the east coast designed for these high capacity loadings.