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NanaWall at the Preserve

NanaWall Systems, Inc. - Corte Madera, CA

The unique design of NanaWall’s exterior folding glass walls and windows was incorporated into the penthouse units of a waterfront property on the San Francisco Bay. The application features a system of six connected large bi-fold door panels with an outward opening. All locations vary between 25 to 100 feet above sea level with a Northeastern exposure.

CLE provided party testing and consulting of the product, working alongside the NanaWall owners and technicians. This was to ensure and confirm the system would perform at the highest level if challenged in the future by high level winds, rain and the ever changing bay conditions the location experiences. This was accomplished by performing the standard test methods for field measurements of air leakage and water penetration with a uniform static air pressure difference. We also provided onsite quality control throughout the installation process as well as commissioning relating to the product integration within the building envelope.