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Mooring Field Layout Lake Tashmoo

Tisbury Board of Selectmen - Tisbury, Massachusetts

CLE Engineering, Inc. provided the Town of Tisbury with a mooring field layout design to optimize the available water sheet while incorporating the various boating needs and maintaining safe passage within Lake Tashmoo. The input from the Tisbury Harbormaster, the Tisbury mooring tackle specifications and the existing site conditions and usage were all incorporated into a draft mooring field layout that was reviewed by representatives of the Town of Tisbury. Comments from the review were incorporated into the final plan that was submitted to the Tisbury Selectmen.

The following tasks were completed by CLE in the development of the Mooring Field Layout Plan:

  • Reviewed existing records of mooring locations and boat sizes.
  • Performed hydrographic and land surveys to prepare an existing conditions plan.
  • Developed a mooring field plan incorporating existing and projected boat numbers and size distribution that allows for boat swing and provides a safe fairway.
  • Prepared a table containing the coordinates of each proposed mooring was
    provided along with its designed boat size.