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MIT Floating Docks

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA

The MIT Sailing Pavilion in Cambridge, MA serves as the base for sailing and boarding programs for the MIT sailing community. The original MIT Sailing Pavilion was built in 1936 and improvements were necessary to safely accommodate tremendous growth of the sailing program.

CLE designed a low freeboard float system attached to the fixed timber pier. The system included the installation of new floats with the ability to provide Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB) & Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access. The new docks and floats were designed to withstand impacts from large wind-driven ice flows during spring thaw, and adapt to the fluctuating river elevations.

CLE’s experience and thorough approach to permitting, allowed for regulatory approval in a relatively short time frame. CLE was on site throughout construction to ensure the repairs to the existing structure and the float installation were completed in accordance to CLE’s design. CLE’s marine construction expertise ensured MIT that their new facility would serve sailors well for many years to come.