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Marine Terminal Expansion and Berth Deepening

Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority - Ogdensburg, NY

CLE Engineering, Inc. (CLE) is providing inspection, hydrographic surveys, sediment sampling and analysis, waterfront engineering, permitting, cost estimating and phasing, and construction phase services for the 500 lf+/-marine terminal expansion and berth deepening project for the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority (OBPA).  The proposed capital expansion project will increase port storage facilities, berthing capacity and provide expanded capability of cargo handling equipment.  CLE has provided hydrographic surveys and inspections of the existing terminal facility as well as the area for planned expansion.  Founded on our waterfront engineering experience, CLE developed several structural design alternates for construction of the terminal expansion along with associated cost estimates. CLE thoroughly understands the Owner’s goals and is working to develop a terminal design that will maximize load capacity within the available construction budget. CLE is committed to providing final designs, permitting, bid and construction phase services.

Dredging is planned in conjunction with the Federal Navigation Channel dredging and will include berth deepening to ‑27’ Low Water Datum (LWD). CLE is working with the USACE Buffalo District to develop dredge prisms and associated volumes for the OBPA as a non-Federal beneficiary. Site conditions are anticipated to require rock blasting to achieve the required navigational depth. CLE is developing potential dewatering areas for the sediments as well as haul routes, with the intended beneficial reuse of sediments/rock at the nearby airport.  CLE will provide permitting, bid and construction phase services including hydrographic surveys.


CLE provided rapid response to the OBPA following a vessel impact report.  CLE, in conjunction with Appledore, provided a special dive and topside inspection of the cellular steel cofferdam and concrete deck. CLE’s engineers determined on site that impact compromised the capacity of the deck and recommended immediate closure of the affected portion.  CLE developed repair designs and details for the OBPA to restore capacity in a timely manner.