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Long-Term Coastal Resiliency Management

Sandy Neck Public Beach Facility - West Barnstable, MA

CLE  has been retained by the Town of Barnstable to develop a long-term coastal resiliency management plan for the Sandy Neck Public Beach Facility. Since 2013, the Town has performed three (3) emergency nourishment efforts along the severely eroded primary dune system that protects the existing 2-acre public parking lot, bathhouse with public restrooms, concessions, equipment garage, pavilion and observation viewing deck against storm and flood damage. Until 2012, this primary dune system had been relatively stable and successfully managed by the Town using sand fencing and vegetation. A total of ±12,400 CY of compatible, off-site sand has been placed by the Town in December 2013, December 2014 and February 2015 at a cost of $259,000. Although these efforts have provided adequate short-term stability to the dune so that existing public infrastructure has not been damaged to-date, the Town does not believe that similar efforts, if continued, are cost-effective or sufficient to attain long-term resiliency and sustainability.

Services being provided by CLE include field investigations and design efforts as required to explore various conceptual long-term solutions for improving coastal resiliency at Sandy Neck and as needed to ensure the protection and sustainability of the infrastructure that provides public use and access to an estimated of 150,000 visitors each year. CLE has partnered with Applied Coastal Research & Engineering, Inc. (ACRE) to develop a coastal sediment transport model to assess the long-term sediment trends at Sandy Neck and to evaluate the longevity of various beach nourishment alternatives. This project is being funded, in part, through the MA Office of Coastal Zone Management (MACZM) FY16 Coastal Community Resilience Grant Program.