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Repair/Reconstruction and Beach Nourishment

North Bluff, Pay & Inkwell Beaches - Oak Bluffs, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was awarded a contract by the Town of Oak Bluffs to provide consulting services to perform site assessments and prepare environmental permit submittals for the beach nourishment of North Bluff, Pay Beach, and Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs, MA. CLE Engineering’s field survey crew performed topographic beach surveys while locating existing timber (12) and granite (3) groins along the approximately 3,600’ length of shoreline. CLE also performed an underwater habitat assessment study utilizing underwater video and scuba.

Following the compilation of existing condition surveys, CLE will develop a final beach nourishment design based on numerous factors including the potential rehabilitation of existing structures, habitat resource areas, and recent sediment transport studies. CLE Engineering will then submit local, state, and federal permit applications for the long-term beach nourishment to stabilize the coastline, protect the coastal infrastructure and provide for recreational waterfront activities.