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Holcim Structural Inspections

Holcim (US), Inc. - Everett, MA, Providence, RI, Queens, NY

CLE Engineering, Inc. (CLE) has been provided professional services including waterfront inspections, hydrographic surveys, structural assessments, design of repairs and replacements, permitting, and resident engineer services for Holcim’s marine terminals since 1997. Periodic assessments have included diver inspections, topside condition assessments, non-destructive testing of existing steel piles and sheeting, hydrographic surveys, sediment sampling and analysis. All terminals are active with frequent barge and vessel transfers of product; CLE coordinated dredging and construction activities to minimize interference with operations.

CLE provides periodic structural assessments and non-destructive visual inspections to evaluate the structural integrity of the existing structures including concrete silo structures, and two wrap-around staircase silo towers at three (3) Holcim facilities. CLE developed designs for repairs associated with correcting observed deficiencies, prepared a report of inspection findings, assessments, and recommendations including estimating the remaining service life and developing an estimated cost of recommended repairs or rehabilitation.