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Historic Wharf Rehabilitation

Charlton Dock Corporation - Westport, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was selected by the Charlton Dock Corporation to provide consulting, permitting, engineering design, and construction management services for the rehabilitation of the historic Charlton Wharf in Westport, MA.  The wharf was originally constructed in 1926 and had fallen into disrepair, creating an unsafe condition to the public.

CLE performed an evaluation of the existing construction and identified recommended repairs.  After reviewing with the Owner, CLE developed a design to rehabilitate the wharf with minimal disturbance to the historic structure and surrounding resource areas, in consideration of the clients’ budget.  Overall, 120-feet of wharf decking was replaced as part of a retrofit to improve safety; the project developed from initial topographic survey, through preliminary designs, permitting, on to final construction in approximately 7 months.