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Harbormaster Management and Policy Review

City of Gloucester Waterways Board - Gloucester, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. provided professional services related to the Management Review of the Harbormaster Department. Existing practices and procedures within the Gloucester Harbormaster Department were evaluated through a series of interviews, ride along with an Assistant Harbormaster, evaluation of office procedures, review of Waterways Board Policies, Rules and Regulations, and City Ordinance Chapter 10.

The project team conducted a comprehensive organizational and management analysis of the Department’s existing operations, service levels, infrastructure management, organizational structures, and staffing levels. The analysis was fact-based and focused on the following objectives provided by the Waterways Board and Harbormaster:

  • To identify any areas which hinder or prevent the Harbormaster Department from performing its assigned responsibilities, goals or objectives and to offer suggestions for the removal of such obstacles and to suggest ways in which the responsibilities, goals or objectives might better be met;
  • To evaluate the adequacy of management practices being utilized in the Harbormaster Department with respect to fiscal controls and use of available personnel and equipment;
  • To suggest specific ways and means by which the functions and services of the Harbormaster Department might be improved.

Twenty nine interviews were conducted, including Gloucester Harbormaster, Clerk, several Assistant Harbormasters, Launch Operators, all Waterways board members, members of the waterfront community, the City’s IT Department Head and Chief Financial Officer. Meetings were also held with other harbormasters including Marblehead, Salem, Newburyport, Marion, New Bedford and Hingham to compile information on practices relating to moorings, wait lists, enforcement, staffing, office hours, websites, community outreach, etc. CLE’s extensive experience in public waterfront facilities was used to provide the assessment and identified many recommendations for improvement that provided a positive change.