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Foreshore Protection

Town of Scituate - Scituate, MA

CLE is currently providing a wide variety of coastal engineering and permitting services to the Town of Scituate as it relates to the maintenance and improvement of existing aging/damaged coastal infrastructure and eroded nearshore beach areas throughout the shoreline community. Collectively, the implementation of these projects will move the Town in a forward direction towards achieving long-term coastal and economic resiliency.

Services currently being provided by CLE include condition assessment and inspections of existing seawall and stone revetment structures, field investigations, survey, design, environmental permitting and bid and construction phase services for the reconstruction of 185 Linear Feet (LF) of the Edward Foster Road seawall and a total of 1,700 LF of the Oceanside Drive seawall that extends along the crossroads of 4th to 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue to 10th Avenue, and 11th Avenue to Kenneth Street. Existing seawall elevations are being raised by an additional ±2 feet to help reduce/minimize stormwater overwash and flooding and address concerns related to climate change and future sea level rise.

In addition, CLE is presently working on beach nourishment efforts at 4th Cliff/Humarock Beach through the beneficial re-use of dredge sediments removed from the South River and maintenance of the existing engineered beach located at Minot Beach. Both beach nourishment projects will restore eroded dune/beach areas whose prime function is to provide storm damage and flood protection to developed residential areas that are located in the Glades Road and Humarock communities.