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District Fish Screen and Lock Systems

Bel Marin Keys Community Services District - Novato, CA

The Bel Marin Keys Community Services District is a unique community of 720 waterfront homes located within 20 miles of San Francisco in Marin County. Water management is a key component to the immense value unique nature of Bel Marin Keys. The BMKCSD engaged CLE Engineering to provide a design and construction management services for improvements to the navigational lock and sluice gate systems. The BMKCSD is situated along the Novato Creek along with two lagoons, each of which with a navigational, tidal lock system which allows access to the Novato Creek for vessels and provides water and flood control for the lagoons. The locks are utilized for navigational access as well as exchange of tidal waters with the lagoon system (flushing). In order to be in compliance with federal and state regulations, the BMKCSD engaged CLE to fit each lock with fish screens and flow control systems which would mitigate and reduce the possibility of taking protected fish species by operation of the lock and sluice gate systems. The complexities of the project included a design that allowed for use of all current systems and the install of custom fabricated stainless, steel and mechanical systems, all in a marine environment. The system also was semi-automated, taking advantage of the systems that were installed and with the installation of the tidal gates it provided for safe, easy unmanned lagoon water level adjustments, a feature the BMKCSD had not previously had.