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Farm Pond Restoration

MA Division of Ecological Restoration - Oak Bluffs, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. (CLE) was contracted by the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) to design and permit a culvert replacement beneath Seaview Avenue, a Mass DOT roadway in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. The existing culvert was determined to restrict tidal flow to Farm Pond, resulting in the deterioration of its water quality. CLE developed 25% permit level plans for a pile supported 16’ wide, 90’ long box culvert with wingwalls designed to increase tidal flow to a 42 acre coastal pond and salt marsh system resulting in improved water quality and wildlife habitat.

CLE Engineering delineated wetland resources including the mapping of eel grass beds, provided topographic survey services and prepared a Low Property Analysis to determine which if any properties adjacent to Farm Pond would be affected by an increased water surface elevation. Additionally CLE provided on the ground field truthing of LIDAR data around the perimeter of Farm Pond and converted a number of surveys performed on various datum to the single project datum. CLE worked closely with the Town of Oak Bluffs, citizens groups, other consulting firms and the DER to prepare an Expanded Environmental Notification Form with Waiver Request. Additionally a State Highway Access Permit Application and the 25% design plans with a construction cost estimate were submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. CLE also prepared permits for the opening of a second existing culvert that provided improved tidal flushing to Farm Pond.