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Existing Conditions Survey, Resource Delineations and Engineering Study Services

Town of Oak Bluffs - Oak Bluffs, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was awarded a contract by the Town of Oak Bluffs to perform an engineering study of an area including approximately one (1) mile of beach, coastal bank and seawalls from North Bluff to the Farm Pond Culvert along Seaview Avenue in the Town of Oak Bluffs, MA The study included a structural assessment and beach nourishment profiling. CLE understood the goal of the Town of Oak Bluffs was to use the engineering study (Phase 1) as a basis to clearly identify the design objectives necessary for developing preliminary engineering plans and complete permitting (Phase 2). CLE reviewed existing plans and permits, performed preliminary inspections of all waterfront structures along with topographic and hydrographic surveys to locate all shoreline features and resource areas. CLE’s experience with shoreline surveys and shoreline evaluations provided the Town with a plan record of existing conditions and a report outlining shoreline rehabilitation alternatives, estimated costs and permitting requirements.