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East Chop Yacht Club Dredging & Beach Nourishment

Martha’s Vineyard - Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts

CLE Engineering was awarded a contract to provide services including hydrographic & topographic surveys, design plans and permit application preparation for the East Chop Yacht Club dredging with disposal as beach nourishment in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. The project also included the permitting of maintenance for the existing timber bulkhead. The dredging project consisted of the removal of approximately 500 cubic yards of material from the east end of the existing licensed marina slips. This material was used beneficially for dune restoration and beach nourishment on  the Town-owned Jetty Beach. CLE performed permitting services to obtain permits and licenses thru the local Conservation Commission, as well as thru the state and federal agencies for this dredging and beach nourishment project. CLE helped this project utilized its historic dredge footprint for maintenance dredging and designed beach nourishment for a much needed area.