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Dredging Design

Bel Marin Keys Community Services District - Novato, CA

Lagoon and Creek Restoration Project

The Bel Marin Keys Community Services District is a unique community of 720 waterfront homes located within 20 miles of San Francisco in Marin County. The community was a planned development, constructed in phases with an underlying charter that each home would have waterfront access to San Pablo Bay and onwards. Water management is a key component to the immense value unique nature of Bel Marin Keys. Organized as a Special District, it is a government agency subject to California Public Contracting Code and various other regulation and restrictions.

CLE Engineering was selected to administer this long-term improvement projects as the District Engineer. Over the past four years CLE has been the Engineer along with Project/Program Manager orchestrating and melding all of CLE’s resources to successfully complete the permitting and construction of a 120,000 cubic yard dredge material management site, the permitting and dredging of 24,000 feet of the Novato Creek, the permitting and dredging of 130,000 yards of material from a lagoon, successfully negotiating agreements to place dredge materials onto the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project along with levee improvements, water quality monitoring, public agency interaction and overall strategic management.