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Quonset Development Corporation - North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Mega Yacht Facility

The 1,100 linear feet of deteriorated anchored wooden bulkhead is located adjacent to the south side of Pier No. 1, along the waters edge of the Marine Trades parcel and was constructed by the Navy in the mid 1940s.

CLE was contracted to perform the planning, engineering and environmental services for the repairs of the South Davisville Bulkhead, Dredging and Mega-Yacht Consulting. CLE’s services on the project included surveys, dredge design and permitting, marine structure inspection, bulkhead and revetment design and permitting, marina and waterfront service facilities, drainage accommodation, environmental assessment and permitting, marine structure project management and oversight. With the constraints in steel availability, CLE engineered the project in a way such that the bulkhead repairs were divided into Supply and Delivery of Materials and a construction contract for the actual steel bulkhead install. CLE prepared contract documents for the removal of approximately 1,100 feet of existing wood bulkhead and the installation of approximately 725 lineal feet of new steel bulkhead and approximately 400-feet of sloped stone revetment.