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Contractor Support Services

Phase II Dredging of Lake Ripple - Grafton, MA

CLE provided Contractor support services for the Phase II dredging of Lake Ripple located in Grafton, MA. This Town project consisted of dredging approximately ±40,000 cubic yards of sediments from ±9 acres of the ±63 acre lake. Sediments were hydraulically dredged and pumped into an adjacent landside containment basin for dewatering and storage. CLE services included performing pre–and post-dredge surveys to confirm dredge volumes removed by the Contractor for payment. In addition, CLE provided technical support as required to address water quality management issues as it related to the effluent discharge resulting from the dewatering of sediments within the containment basin. Acting as a liaison between the Contractor and the Town, local Conservation Commission and MA DEP, CLE identified appropriate measures to minimize/reduce turbidity levels and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) being discharged back into the Lake so as to ensure compliance with MA DEP water quality standards. Solutions included the limiting of the daily production rate of dredging and outflow discharge, installation/use of silt curtains and use of flocculation blocks to facilitate the settling of solids/fines within the basin prior to discharge. The assistance provided by CLE allowed the Contractor to complete work on time and within the established budget.