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Town of Fairhaven - Fairhaven Massachusetts

Hoppy’s Landing Boat Launching Ramp, Dredging, Beach Nourishment, Fixed Pier and Floating Dock

CLE Engineering, Inc. (CLE) was awarded a contract to perform resource delineations, surveys, design plans, permit applications, contract documents and construction administration for the waterfront improvements at Hoppy’s Landing. The Town of Fairhaven recently purchased the property with the intent of providing improved public access for commercial and recreational boating. The previous floating dock and boat ramp were in poor condition and CLE worked with the Town of Fairhaven to develop plans for replacement of the boat ramp and construction of a fixed pier with a heavy steel designed float appropriate for the exposure of the site. As part of the design, dredging is required for the boat ramp construction. These materials were beneficially re-used as beach nourishment on site.

CLE provided surveys throughout construction to confirm dredging and beach nourishment volumes. The float is designed to stay in the water year round and as such is a “heavy duty” design, but CLE’s design incorporates built-in wheels so that the Town can haul the float for maintenance, thereby saving money for the Town. CLE’s experience in public waterfront facilities provided the Town with a multi-use facility that incorporates structural stability with a well thought out maintenance plan.