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Concrete Seawall Replacement

Town of Scituate - Scituate, MA

CLE was selected to provide consulting, engineering, permitting, and construction support services for the replacement of an existing concrete seawall at 138 Edward Foster Rd in Scituate, MA. CLE provided a full condition survey report and evaluation of the existing seawall, including a final recommendation for full replacement. CLE worked closely with the Town DPW and abutting homeowners to incorporate design features for the new seawall, including increased wall height, a stone splash pad area behind the wall to prevent storm wave overwash erosion, and a stone revetment for seawall toe protection.  Once the preferred design was established, CLE prepared all necessary permit applications including a Notice of Intent, DEP Chapter 91, and USACE PGP II. Once the necessary approvals were in order, CLE prepared final plans, specifications and a cost estimate to be utilized in the bidding and construction of the new concrete seawall. CLE provided construction administration and management services from the first submittal until project closeout, ensuring proper execution of the contract design and intent. The final result is a shoreline protection system which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.