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Alma del Mar School

Alma Real Estate QUALICB - New Bedford, MA

Alma del Mar (“Soul of the Sea”) is an Expeditionary Learning public charter school that opened in August 2011 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The school facility is a one story wood and steel framed flat roof building, originally constructed as an elementary school in 1908. The facility continued to serve as an elementary school until the City of New Bedford closed it in 2009. The Alma del Mar Charter School occupied the building in 2011 and is presently considering an expansion of the facility from grades K-4 to grades K-8 or, alternately, constructing a new building on a site to be determined.

CLE’s professional services were sought to conduct an assessment of existing conditions relative to vertical wall and roofing assemblies at the Alma del Mar project site. Non-invasive stucco sounding testing, Rilem tube moisture uptake tests, and location specific capacitance moisture meter surveys were conducted at interior and exterior envelope compartments. Several areas were manifesting potential problems relative to past and ongoing water intrusion. Wall, parapet and roof area calculations were made for material costing analysis, along with digital photo documentation of specific envelope conditions. This project was completed in 2014.