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Broad Cove Restoration

MA Dept of Fish and Wildlife’s Division of Ecological Restoration - Hingham, MA

CLE was contracted by the the Massachusetts Department of Fish And Wildlife’s Division of Ecological Restoration, (DER) to provide a flood mitigation analysis and environmental permit level design plans for two low lying commercial properties on Broad Cove. The analysis built upon the work prepared in previous studies that assessed the proposed increased tidal flow between Hingham Harbor and Broad Cove by means of enlarging a culvert. The analysis documented existing conditions through a wetland delineation, topographic survey, and building inspection from which site and building plans were developed. The Hingham Building Inspector was consulted and a review of the relevant State and Federal codes for building in flood prone areas as well as potential sources for funding of mitigation measures were made.

CLE directed the drilling of groundwater wells and installed water level data loggers to measure the effect of tidal fluctuation on groundwater adjacent to the building foundations. CLE developed a number of measures that may be taken to mitigate the potential impact to the structural integrity of the buildings as well as the functionality of the impacted space. The mitigation measures investigated included waterproofing the buildings, construction of a bulkhead to divert the water away from the foundation, raising of the buildings and pouring new basement slabs above the anticipated high tide elevation, and abandonment of the basements with construction of a new shed to provide the lost storage area. CLE cost estimates for the mitigation measures at each building was selected upon consultation with the Project Partners, property owners and the DER.