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Boat Basin Dredging

U. S. Coast Guard Station at Brandt Point - Nantucket, MA

CLE Engineering Inc. has been retained as a sub-consultant to Appledore Marine Engineering, Inc. (AME) to conduct hydrographic and topographic surveys, sediment sampling and analysis and resource area impact assessments for the improvement dredging of a 230 foot by 100 foot boat basin located at the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Brandt Point in Nantucket MA. It is anticipated that approximately 5,000 to 10,000 CY of beach quality sand will be dredged from the basin and be deemed suitable for beneficial re-use as nourishment along the nearby/adjacent beach area. A topographic survey of the beach area will be performed to determine if there is sufficient capacity available for placement/re-use of the anticipated dredge volume, and grain size analysis will be conducted on dredge and beach samples to assess compatibility. CLE will also conduct a functional assessment of resource areas/habitat to determine the anticipated impacts resulting from dredging and nourishment (disposal) activities. The findings of CLE’s investigations will be provided to AME for use in permitting and final design.