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Stabilization Using Bio-engineering Techniques

Town of Barnstable - Barnstable, MA

CLE Engineering, Inc. was retained by the Town of Barnstable, MA to provide field investigations, design, permitting, bid and construction phase services for the temporary stabilization of the Blish Point Containment Basin (BPCB). The BPCB is an engineered structure located within the existing dune system at Blish Point-Millway Beach that has been historically used by the Town to dewater/temporarily store dredge sediments removed from Barnstable Harbor since the 1970s. The BCPB-dune system provides critical shoreline protection to infrastructure located at the Blish Point State Boat Ramp and Town Beach facilities.

The BPCB has recently sustained significant storm damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and, the February 2013 Blizzard “Nemo” and January 2015 Blizzard “Juno”. A bio-engineered (“soft”) solution, consisting of sand-filled coir bags, plantings and sand fencing is being constructed to stabilize and restore the basin. The proposed system is anticipated to have a life-expectancy of 5 to 7 years, provided it is properly maintained. The proposed stabilization methods are consistent with those endorsed by the MA Office of Coastal Zone Management (MA CZM) StormSmart Coasts Program. CLE assisted the Town in securing state funding assistance for this project as part of the FY2014 MA CZM Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Grant Program. Implementation of the project will help reduce the vulnerability to the growing risks associated with coastal storms, sea level rise, flooding, and erosion and restore/enhance natural coastal resources and habitat for the short-term, so as to allow the Town adequate time to further investigate long-term shoreline management solutions for all of Blish Point and Millway Beach. Construction is anticipated to be completed by October 2015.