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Barnstable Inner Harbor Dredging

Town of Barnstable - Barnstable, MA

In 2012, CLE Engineering, Inc. was selected by the Town of Barnstable, MA to provide services including hydrographic/topographic surveys, feasibility studies and cost analysis, design, sediment sampling and analysis, permitting, bid document preparation and construction management and oversight for the maintenance and improvement dredging of Barnstable Inner Harbor. The dredging project consisted of mechanically dredging of approximately ±8,500 CY of fine-grained sediments. Due to varying levels of sediment contaminants detected, the project utilized both unconfined offshore and upland sites for disposal. Approximately ±4,000 CY of sediments were authorized for offshore disposal at the Cape Cod Bay Disposal Site (CCBDS), ±500 CY of sediments were disposed at the Bourne Municipal Landfill due to high PAH levels, and the remaining ±4,000 CY of sediments were deemed suitable by MA DEP for upland beneficial re-use for the construction of a noise attenuation berm the Town’s shooting range. Prior to the upland disposal/re-use of sediments, they were dewatered on-site by gravity means. Dredging operations were completed in February 2013. The noise attenuation berm at the shooting range was completed in the Fall 2013. The total cost of the project was $1.4 million.